Alia bhatt before diet images

She has been maintaining a scintillating figure all these years without fail. Her day begins with herbal tea, which is without sugar.

Just earlier this week, she posted an Insta Story with Hollywood celebrity nutritionist Angie Kassabie, thanking her for looking after her diet needs in Sophia, Bulgaria. Lets see what Alia use to have in her diet so as to maintain her body fat percentage and also stay in shape.

She wanted to stay fit, she wanted to get healthy meals, full of all the nutrition her body needs. Alia has decided to take it as a challenge by losing up to 20 kgs in the next six months.

Alia Bhatt

These help her reduce fat, provide energy and help her achieve her goal weight. I want to do masala films, offbeat movies, serious films… I want to do them all. Healthy carbs and fat are a must for optimal health and hence you should not avoid them. We also have iced mocha and iced coffee which is also superiorly good in taste and a superfood.

BTW, she also loves dancing, particularly Kathak and Ballet, which she practices whenever she has free time. On alternative days, she replaces the vegetarian meal plan with Quinoa and Chicken.

However, the awesome offer to work in the movie, Student of The Year left no other choice to her but to scorch surplus pounds.

For girls who are dreaming to become a bollywood superstar, this exercise regime will be perfect. Thirty-five pounds overweight, Alia was supposed to dramatically transform her body, which you all know is not an easy nut to break.

Evening Snacks: You can make discreet choice of foods by having green and leafy veggies, or soup made of green veggies. Read on to know her weight loss journey. Seven years since her first movie, Bhatt is looking fitter than ever, thanks to those workout sessions she lets us into every now and then on Instagram.

I never studied abroad or went on long trips with my friends, etc… So shooting for Highway was that journey for me where I discovered new things about myself, my likes, my dislikes… It was a life-changing experience.Alia Bhatt Before and After Weight Loss Pics Mahesh Bhatt's beautiful year-old daughter Alia shows off her svelte figure in the promos of her debut film Student Of.

How Did Alia Bhatt Lose Weight? Diet Plan, Workouts, Then & Now Pictures

Alia Bhatt Pictures Before and After Weight Loss Here is how Alia looked before becoming an actor and her after transformation pictures. There is no doubt in saying that Alia Bhatt has stood as an inspiration to many who’re trying to get into shape.

Alia Bhatt Workout at Gym. Along with the gym, Alia is also fond of many sports activities like kick-boxing and swimming that keeps her body flexible and fit. Alia is not a gym freak however she still trains and trains days a week that comprises of cardio and weight training.

Alia Bhatt's journey to weight loss is a combination of hard work and consistency. Alia Bhatt’s daily diet plan in Bulgaria “Alia’s diet started off with clean food—mainly seafood and vegetables, a little bit of carbs in rice and a bit of protein pasta.

Of course, we’re having all the fibres in the morning with Anjan Sachar. Recently Alia Bhatt was accused of copying Dua Lipa’s fashion style by Diet Sabya. But the Raazi actress’ reaction and reply to the accusations will bring a smile on your Gaurav Gupta.

Alia bhatt before diet images
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