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Like she was prying into my personal details and telling me I was wrong about my own body when she doesn't even know me? She then says "well in your profile it says you want to lose You would be happier, healthier and wealthier, eating nothing but frozen diet meals from the grocery store.

But, thats Not At All True. I knew Joe couldn't do more. Some of the soups actually made me gag. He was going by the script. As soon as I got the shipment I called them and did not ask for a refund What would you like to happen? What's worse is this--when I told her I was at my goal weight she asked me how much I wanted to lose.

It is a scam and fad diet and you will gain the weight back and then some after the diet ruins your metabolism. Although the delivery is massive, individual meals are scant.

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If you want to spend a small fortune on crappy food with wishy-washy results and have to pay more when you want to leave and have to deal with a Company that does not care about its customers at all, then this is for you. We are here for you if you need anything else.

You gotta feel bad for them that they have to work there. Bonus, she said the food was gross and now she has a second shipment to throw away.

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He totally lied and said that ALL the food for the plan for a month is in your kit. I would've considered doing a small maintenance plan like their cheapest one because I can tolerate the food in small bits and sometimes it's just nice to grab one of those protein bars and run out and get going with your day.

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I called Customer Service wanting to cancel my next order. Hard to follow and only gives you the first week of menus. It was inedible.

So yeah my review is mostly in reference to this customer service rep. I explained the entire story how 50 boxes can not fit in my freezer. Not South Beach. It's a shame that that the cons with this company were really bad as this could have easily been a lot better. The first month we stretched the meals with cauliflower rice.

It is a week later. The food is tasteless. They show this on their website when you order. This is a bad outfit, Stay away We decided to give this a try to get us back on track.

NOT it's more work than ever and I've only lost 4 lbs in a month. I have no problem paying for something if I feel that it has that value.

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I feel absolutely robbed! I was excited to get started although I wasn't thrilled with the price. The only option was to get a modified plan for Well duh I am.Central Bank of India (CBI) Nabha branch IFSC Code is CBIN Branch code is the last six characters of the IFSC Code - Bank branch's details are listed below.

Branch code is the last six characters of the IFSC Code - Use the form below to contact the Beyond Diet Customer Service Team by email.

We respond to messages in the order that they are received. Please be patient with us, as we are a small (but mighty!) team. We want to personally address every email because our Beyond Diet. - pm 14 วิธีคิดเปลี่ยนชีวิตให้ดีขึ้น - 14 สาวมนุษย์ปลวก 14 สิงหาคม วันเกิด - 14 องศาเหนือ Farm & Cafe'.

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Live Chat. The quickest way to contact us is through Live Chat. To chat to a member of our Customer Service team just click on the Support icon at the bottom of the screen. DIET, Nabha Punjab is also known as District Institute of Education and Training (DIET).

DIET is situated in Nabha of Punjab state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by

Diet nabha phone number
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